Tas d Viaje Hostel

Private rooms & Shared rooms

Private rooms, Suites and shared rooms

All private doubles are in Suite with AIR CONDITIONING and TV CABLE (DirectTV). We try to improve the different areas of our establishment year after year. We have put a lot of effort and creativity to improve the breakfast, the patio, the common areas and of course our rooms; the private ones were redecorated for the 2017 season with small details that bring warmth and elegance.

Mixed of 4,6,8 and 10 beds. Shared bathrooms, one for men and one for ladies with showers and hot water 24 hours. We have rooms with 6 female beds with private bathroom.

Our hostel has many common areas and a luminous courtyard where you can meet other travelers!

In our common areas also highlights the living room with an exclusive design, fire and sea view, ideal for relaxing and watching a movie or listen to music. Enjoy Punta del Este all year !